With this procedure, you will be able to protect your documents that may contain sensitive data.

The options for protecting a document are numerous, particularly with the office suite which allows a satisfactory degree of protection in terms of options. We will see the different options offered by office.

Protection Options for Documents With Office Suite

In the office suite, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. We have multiple options to protect a document. We will only discuss those who protect the document for sensitive data.

Here are the different options available in the Information section of a Word document:

  • Encrypt with passwords
  • Restrict editing
  • Restrict access


  • The encrypt with password option is quite simple in itself. All you have to do is enter a password according to good practices and share it verbally with the person concerned.
  • The restrict editing option controls the type of editing that people you have authorized can make.
  • The last option, Restrict Access is a little more complicated but also the one that allows you to control at a more granular level access to the document itself.


  • Both options are the same as Edgewater Technology but with more internal security. Meaning, you have to be part of the organization to access it.
  • By sharing the document according to your criteria, people in the organization will not be able to modify or share the document, only have access to it.


 Obviously combining this procedure with the How to Share Sensitive Information procedure increases efficiency in protecting sensitive information.