Spam and phishing emails are common nowadays.  In the future, with our new Microsoft 365 Defender solution, this will be less problematic. Despite this, we need to know how we can manage it on a daily basis.


These malicious mails have evolved. It will be increasingly difficult to identify them and test your ability to identify them so as not to fall into their traps. If you have the slightest doubt about the origin, if you do not know what it is, even if the @domain of the email is known. You can report it easily through the add-in in Outlook.  Above all, do not click on any URL or file link that they can contained.



If you receive this kind of email.  You have two options to report them:


  1. To be used if a problem arises with the second method: The first remains the old method which is to send the email in attachment (important) to the IT security team.  To doing that, click on the email-> 3 small dots to the right->Transferred as an attachment->
  2. The second method is the most advanced and practical.  By postponing it, you would not only help information technology has better framed their analyses, but also our new tools to analyze them automatically. 
  •   To do this, simply click on the Add-in and choose the corresponding option:
  •  A message telling you, in doing this, you will help Microsoft technologies (our solutions) to be improved and by the same token help your colleagues avoid receiving the same email.
  • Once the message is reported, the IT security team will review the report you did. Once done, you may receive a notification about the result of its analysis from